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Advanced Control Features of KD-HDMS4X4 and KD-MSCAT8X8 Hercules Series™
Matrix Switchers

Did you know that Key Digital’s Hercules Series Matrix Switchers can be used to extend IR and RS-232 to your source and display equipment? Find out how Key Digital’s team of Engineers enable you to save money and rack space by using the Hercules Series products to route control in your next system.

Advanced Control for the KD-HDMS4X4 and KD-HDMS4X4 Explained

This Webinar picks up from our “Basic Control” session held earlier. This time we will go in-depth focusing on the advanced features for these units. Some of the topics covered will include IR and RS-232 bi-directional routing and masking, Binary and Hex protocols and sending control over Baluns. Even if you don’t plan on using the advanced features of these switchers, this is important information you should have in your installation tool bag. » KD-HDMS4X4 » KD-HDMS8X8

Introduction to New Products – KD-VP750 & KD-VP1250 Digital Video Processors
and KD-MSVA4X4 Fat Boy Series Matrix Switcher

Introductions to our new products, their features and benefits directly related to custom installer demands in the current marketplace.
» KD-VP750 » KD-VP1250 » KD-MSVA4x4