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Key Digital, the Experts in Digital Video Technology and Solutions, was recently asked to assist in upgrading an A/V system at the Discovery School of the Arts in Victorville, CA. Jeff Steele, an installer with A/V Theater Godz also of Victorville, was brought in to help remedy the situation with one of Key Digital’s Hot Rod Series™ KD-VP2500 video processors. Jeff was faced with a tough challenge: maintaining the functionality of the school’s multi-purpose room while upgrading the installation using the latest in Key Digital’s digital arsenal. He knew he needed a video processor that could easily handle any format from any source as well as connect to the rear projector in order to provide the multipurpose room with crystal clear video quality.

Jeff has been a Key Digital user since 2000 when he purchased his first DVI product and has, “…always used Key Digital.” Discovery School of the Arts specifically mandated that Jeff could not use an overhead projector as the room was also used as the school’s primary lunchroom. This gave Jeff the idea to set up a rear projection screen system. However, he needed a video processor which could handle a wide array of formats, deal with EDID issues, and negotiate the handshake with no problem.

Instead of searching for multiple pieces of expensive equipment from other manufacturers, Jeff chose the Hot Rod Series™ KD-VP2500 video processor and universal distribution center from Key Digital. Jeff was able to tie in an LG Blu-Ray player, Toshiba DVD/VCR Combo, and still have room for other devices with different input formats (VGA, HDMI, etc.). Complicating the installation was the school’s older “push button” audio amplifier, but the VP-2500 was still able to break off the audio when necessary with no problem.

The incredibly robust KD-VP2500 contains Key Digital’s Clear Matrix Pro® and SDS™ (Super Digital Scaling) circuits. These circuits allow de-interlacing and up converting from virtually any standard digital or analog source to the resolution of the video display used in a system and can scale up to 1080p HD. This accomplished video processor gives dealers and installers the best option for universal HD video distribution without sacrificing quality, performance, or reliability.

With the installation just about finalized, the KD-VP2500’s small rack size allowed Jeff to install it in the preexisting sound system rack. Once the final rack screws were tightened, the KD-VP2500 showed its ability to deliver any HDMI, VGA, Component, Composite, and S-Video video in stunning 1080p HD clarity.

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