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FLANNERS/COLDERS Home Entertainment turns to
Key Digital for Showroom HDMI Distribution Solution

Electronics retailer Flanners has recently updated their showroom display floor to an all digital HDMI distribution scheme. Heading up their Custom Systems division, Ron Lemke talks about their decision to use Key Digital as the heart of this new system;

“We recently built a new showroom and needed an HDMI distribution system for two sources going to 62 TV’s. After looking into several different manufacturer’s products and concepts we decided on Key Digital”

Utilizing Key Digitals invaluable Systems Design Group diagrams, Ron was able to have a complete system mapped out in detail before a single wire was run;

“Their engineering staff designed the whole system and provided a diagram for us to navigate through the wiring phase. We installed all the TV’s and distribution and with the exception of two TV’s everything went as planned. Those two TV’s had a problem locking in on the signal as they were 720P and all others were 1080P. I called KDS and they gave me an immediate fix by adding one more device. We installed that and all has been perfect ever since. I can highly recommend not only their product, but their commitment to customer service as well.”

Key Digitals exclusive EDID control handled the problem displays and allowed them to incorporate all of their specified equipment without issues. The Phantom Series™ KD-HDSW switchers and KD-HDDA distribution amplifiers created a seamless 2x62 configuration for their new, now all digital showroom.

“I’ve now had them design another system for a 16 zone residential project and I look forward to working with their products again,” said Ron Lemke, Senior Custom Systems Specialist at Flanner’s Home Entertainment.

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