4 Inputs to 4 Outputs HDMI Matrix Switcher
(May require additional use of KD-HDDA1x1, due to non standard HDCP sources & display)
Key Benefits
  • Key Digital’s Buffered Matrix Technology™ allows up to 4 HDMI sources to be independently switched to 4 Displays or Zones at any time and in any combination
  • LED Link Lights indicate connectivity between KD-4X4 and each input & output device
  • Full Support for HDMI® with HDCP, 12-Bit Deep Color Video
  • Serial IR, Optical IR, Front Panel & bi-directional RS-232 control
  • Accept ASCII and HEX on RS232
  • Supports major control systems: Compass Control™, AMX®, Control4®, Crestron®, RTI®, Universal®, KNX®
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Key Digital @ CEDIA 2012: Champion Series Products
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Compatible with:
General Info:
  • Regulation: CE, RoHS, WEEE
  • Rack Mount: 1U
  • Enclosure: Black Metal
  • Product Weight: 6 lb plus 1.5 lbs. for Rx Baluns & HDMI Cables
  • Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: L = 17.5" W = 5.2" H = 1.75"
  • Shipping Carton Dimensions: L = 20" W = 12.4" H = 8"
  • Accessories: IR Remote Control, (4) KD-PS5V2A UL Certified Power Supply - 12V / 2A

* Key Digital® HDMI® product specifications are given using only Key Digital HDMI cables. Using any other cables can alter or prevent your Key Digital HDMI product from meeting the given features and benefits of our advanced line of HDMI products. HDMI Products using CAT5/6/7 cabling should be properly terminated and of high grade in order to maintain the best performance possible.

Important: Due to differences between Category (CAT5/5e/6) cables, quality of power and ground wiring at the installation, and to ensure the maximum performance of HDMI signal extension, the use of CAT6/STP cabling is strongly recommended for installations utilizing HDMI baluns/extenders. Shielded RJ45 connectors are required when using CAT6/STP cabling. To ensure a successful ground, it is recommended to solder the metal drain wire to the shielded RJ45 connector, as this provides a more reliable ground connection than simply crimping the drain wire under the strain relief collar. CAT cabling must be terminated using the TIA/EIA-568B standard. Key Digital cannot guarantee the performance of switchers and extenders if cables/connectors other than the above specified are used.

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