Compass Control® Master Programmers are the elite group of Compass Control programmers that have completed the highest levels of Compass Control Certifications at the top of the class. They have the skills and expertise to work on everything from large Enterprise systems to small single room projects. They also have the creativity and knowledge that makes them a true value added partner to our System Architects and Designers as well as our Compass Control® Service Providers. This elite group of programmers works specifically within a defined territory and help provide the guidance and support to our newer Compass Control® Programmers as they work through their first couple of installations.

To become a Compass Control® Master Programmer:

  • Complete the C1, C2, and C3 Compass Control® Certifications.
  • In order to be listed in our "where to find" section of our CCSP section, you will first need to complete and show proof of 5 completed Compass Control® and Key Digital installations.
  • For the Compass Control® Service Provider near you, please contact:


Dewayne Rains
Audio Electronics


Aaron Catlin
Sound Design Innovation
Bobby Imkhanitsky
Elite Design Systems
Tech Solutions PA
Cam Klemencic
Meta Design & Integration
  • Location: Langley, BC, Canada
  • Phone: 604-290-4850
Rudy Stebih