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Key Digital Introduces a New Line of HDMI Wall Plates
  The KEY in Key Digital: Q1 Wrap Up

The first quarter in 2009 opened many new doors for Key Digital and our partners - planting many new seeds for very strong quarters to come.

Being a technology rich company and having our own R&D, along with expert video engineering, allows Key Digital to continue to be an industry leader in all of the AV categories.” said Michael Lakhter, VP of Sales. “The year 2009 will be no different than the previous 10 years. Key Digital has an established brand and loyal customer base that can not be replaced by the OEM fly by night companies.” Michael added, “This year we will introduce new HDMI products such as Matrix Switchers that will offer the same quality, reliability, performance, profit margin, and cutting-edge technologies our partners expect when they offer our brand.”

Key Digital will also launch exciting new products at this year's InfoComm and CEDIA Expo - including HDMI Matrix Switchers (4x4 - 16x16) all new HDMI Baluns, VGA Baluns and CAT5 Distribution Amplifiers for the Pro markets.

  Key Digital’s Website Gets a Makeover with Platinum Branding

KD-HDWP1Many of our customers refer to our brand as that precious metal or valuable part of their collection/install. Taking this into consideration our defining bright orange and black colors which are seen everywhere will take on a new look and feel in 2009 with platinum and steel colors to commemorate our 10 years in business for 2009. “We will be taking on this fresh new look since the Key Digital image is very important to us.” said Masha Lakhter, VP of Marketing and Public Relations.

Statistics show that our website is more of a valuable learning experience to our dealers than just a manufacturer’s marketing tool. Launching on April 1st, Key Digital will introduce our redesigned website to better support our dealers before, during, and after the sale.

Online Training Models for the Redesigned Site:
We have realized that many of our dealers have demanding schedules and need to learn on their time, and this has directed us to create all new online training modules where dealers can sign in on their own time and learn more about Key Digital. Since many of our partners look to us for advice and the best tips on the ever-changing market trends, we will have up to date and informative trainings that are aimed to educate.

Bold, Solid, and Defined Lines Between Channels.
Residential and Commercial markets may share many similarities; but when it comes to AV, it is miles apart. Therefore, we had to distinctively make the break between the two channels and created two websites in one. Once you visit the Key Digital home page you will now be given the opportunity to see our diverse line in two totally different lights - one Residential and one Commercial - showcasing the proper products for the corresponding markets.

The goal of our redesigned website is to provide a superior navigation experience to our visitors. Offering more solution-oriented tools that will integrate everything from market application examples, trainings, firmware downloads, technical applications, and design solutions for system integrators and installers. Please send us your comments and suggestions on our website to

  Key Digital's “Best Installation Contest” Winner Announced

Key Digital is pleased to announce that TJ Johnson, of Imagineering Systems Technology, Hawaii, is the winner of the Best Installation Contest, 2008.

Key Digital helps make the “Shack Waikiki” become one of the Hottest Sports Bars in all of Waikiki, Hawaii by helping TJ Johnson, the founder of Imagineering Systems Technology, Hawaii, with a state of the art Bar and Restaurant system. Mr. Johnson has been a system designer and integrator of audio, video, and lighting systems for over 35 years, and has done numerous commercial and residential jobs in Asia and the Hawaiian Islands.

The Shack Waikiki faced a major dilemma: “How do you consistently please a customer base that is as diverse as the ever-changing tourist?” Some customers come for the live music, some customers enjoy DJs, while others want to watch sports action from across the globe….The Shack Waikiki now combines the best of all elements, making it the premier HD Sports and Music Bar in Waikiki!

The project requirements were to bring together an installation of sound, video, and control and impress even the toughest critic - a very demanding task. To do so, would require the ability to send 16 different video and audio sources to 22 different high-def displays that are located around the bar, dining area, and dance floor. In order to accomplish this, TJ installed the KD-8x4PRO-16x24 to distribute video and the audio individually to the 22 NEC plasma and LCD displays. He was then met with a second dilemma, the project needed to send audio from the stage, DJ booth, and some of the cable boxes to the distributed audio system. To meet this demand, TJ utilized the KD-MSA16x8 audio switcher for the distributing these audio sources to the amplifiers. Key Digital completed the installation by integrating Universal Remote Control device; model KD-MX6000SDG, with all the necessary modules pre-programmed and successfully created a complete “Connect & Control” installation.

TJ says that “customer is extremely happy with this state-of-the-art installation.” He then went on to add “the quality, reliability, performance, and customer service of Key Digital products and services are the best in the business.

Thanks to TJ and Imagineering Systems Technology, Hawaii, for the fantastic system, and thanks to the Shack Waikiki for using Key Digital products to create the System of the Year!

  Product Showcase: Key Digital’s IR Solutions

KD-IRKIT300Key Digital is now offering our own solution for the everyday IR install with the new KD-IRKIT300, a central control and amplification unit for your IR system (on the left). The IR Kit includes a Connecting Block (KD-IRCB204), four IR Emitters (KD-IRE3501F), one IR Receiver (KD-IRC3099D) and a Power Supply (KD-PS1212). This convenient IR kit supports two IR receivers and up to four IR emitters and it can be expanded by connecting multiple units together. All of these models can also be ordered a-la-carte as well.

Key Digital IR receivers are also available in wall plates, panel mounts, and shelf-top units for every type of IR installation. The IR receiver wall plate, KD-IRP3099W, offers a seamless and sleek wall installation. The panel-mount infrared receiver, KD-IRT3099L00, is a compact unit that works with the KD-IRCB204 IR central control, as well other standard IR repeater systems. The shelf top unit, KD-IRB3099, is also available as a separate piece. All of Key Digital IR receiver units work with standard remote controls and each of the models are sold separately for convenience of expandability and customization.

KD-IRB3099 KD-IRC3099B KD-IRT3099L00

Our IR Control and Amplification Products and website links:
KD-IRKIT300 – Central Control and Amplification Unit
KD-IRCB204 – Connecting block of your IR control and amplification system
KD-IRE3501F – Compact infrared emitter
KD-IRB3099 – Shelf-top infrared receiver
KD-IRR3099W – Wall plate infrared receiver
KD-IRC3099D – Compact infrared receiver
– Compact panel-mount infrared receiver
KD-PS1212 – Power supply

My customer would like to add a Blu-Ray player as a source to his KD-VPHD3, and I noticed that your Video Processors only accept resolutions up-to 1080i through the HDMI input. Why don’t they accept 1080p/60?
Key Digital’s Video Processors, such as the KD-VPHD3 and the KD-VPHD4X1, feature a very strong processor chip set that is far superior to processor chips that are found in HDMI sources such as Blu-Ray Players. Since the Blu-Ray movies from Hollywood are mastered in 1080p/24, the Blu-Ray player must deinterlace the native resolution to 1080p/60 (which is most commonly used in the market today). By setting your Blu-Ray or source device to 1080i, and allowing your new Key Digital video processor to handle the I to P conversion; you are taking full advantage of the professional-grade processors with full calibration control of the picture quality. The resulting image will be superior to that of the 1080p/60 output of your Blu-Ray player and gives your customer the best 1080p picture.
I have been using the KD-VA5 for the past few years for my VGA to Component solutions and now I see the new KD-VP800, how can I step my customers to the latest converter?
Although your KD-VA5 is able to adapt VGA (RGBHV) signals to Component video it is simply a transcoder and not a scaler. The new KD-VP800 is a scaler / video processor that will take the VGA resolutions and convert them to component video, converting and scaling your VGA sources to fill your screen displaying all of the images with pristine quality, up to 1080i.
I am using a Key Digital Switcher that features the Intelligent Auto Sense™ (iAS™) technology. I have the iAS enabled, however when I turn on my input device, the switcher does not automatically switch to the newly-powered unit. Can you please explain how iAS works?
Intelligent Auto Sense is a fantastic technology that can be very beneficial to your set-up when used properly. It is important to realize that iAS does not work based on units becoming active. Instead, iAS works based on units becoming inactive. For example, if you are using the KD-HDMI2X1 switcher, which features iAS technology, to switch DVD and Cable Box sources, we recommend inputting the DVD player on Input 1, and the Cable Box on Input 2. We recommend this set-up because the Cable Box sends “black” signals to the switcher, even when the power is seemingly turned off. Many times, Cable and Satellite boxes do not fully power down. Instead, they will go into “Stand-By Mode” and send these “black” video signals. By inputting the DVD player into input 1, you are able to fully power down this source device and allow the iAS feature to automatically switch to the next available source.
I plan to update the firmware on my customer’s Key Digital product. I have downloaded the firmware from your website and read the instructions for updating. I understand that you recommend using a straight serial cable for all firmware updates, but is there a way to update the firmware using a USB to Serial cable?
We always recommend the use of a RS-232 Straight Cable for firmware updates and for controlling your Key Digital devices. However, there is a way to upgrade your firmware using a USB to Serial Adapter Cable. To do so, you must edit the Batch file that is included in the firmware zip file. After extracting the zip file, right click the file with the “.bat” extension, and select “Edit”. In the text file that opens, you can edit the text that currently reads “COM1” to the correct comport that is used by your computer (ie. COM4), then save the edited file. Note: To find out the proper comport that your computer utilizes, refer to the Device Manager of your computer.

Remember, we are here to help, make sure you send your questions to and if you question is selected you can win a KD-HDR6NF Red Iguana Series 1080p HDMI cable!

All immediate questions can be emailed to or by calling 914 667 9700

  Upcoming Events


Key Digital will be hosting the Inaugural InfoComm Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament for the PROs.

This years InfoComm will be the biggest yet for Key Digital. With the announcement of the new Hercules (RGB/HV, Audio & Control Matrix Switcher all over one CAT5) making it the most robust matrix switcher the PRO market has even seen. Plus a sneak peak at some new products that will not be on the show floor!

Time & Location:

  • Date: June 17th, 2009
  • Time: 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Location: Peabody Hotel Orlando 9801 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
  • Room: Columbia - Mezzanine level
RSVP Info:
  • If you are looking to have some fun and meet the Key Digital team, please RSVP by March 15th to reserve your seat. Please make sure to email or contact your Key Digital PRO rep to enter. Seats are limited.
Tournament Rules:
  • Tournament style play
  • Players will be provided with $1,500 worth of chips.
  • Top 10 players will receive $50,000 worth of Key Digital equipment.
InfoComm09Visit Key Digital Booth 4247 at at InfoComm09
Orlando Convention Center June 17-19, Orlando FL.

Click here for more info
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