House of Worship
Key Digital® can create an active and comfortable prayer experience by enabling and improving communications in your congregation. Our many HOW audio and video distribution solutions are able to meet a congregation's needs regardless of size, pre-existing equipment, or other obstacles. From a single, easy-to-operate iPad® located in an area central to the pulpit, Key Digital's Compass Control® allows you to set the correct atmosphere for congregation members by adjusting lighting, temperature, window shades, audio, video displays, and microphone levels. With one touch, Key Digital® allows you to discover the possibilities of digital video and gives you the tools to create the best atmosphere for worship.
Application Example
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SDG Description
  • Eight Video/Audio Inputs through the KD-MSCAT8x8 Matrix Switcher.
  • Outputting Video, Audio and Control over eight independent CATt5 Outputs.
  • KD-MSCAT8x8 has the capability of attaching bi-directional IR and Bi-directional RS232 Control to CAT5 Signal giving you control in each room of your installation.
  • CAT5 output of the switcher is received by the KD-VACRX, or other receiver Key Digital Baluns.
  • Distribute IR to multiple sources and display using the KD-IRKIT300, allowing you to control devices with a push of a button.
  • SD to HD Video Processing with KD-VP800, able to rescale common computer resolutions to common video resolutions with the KD-VP800
  • Future Expandability: Up-To 40 Video and Audio Sources and Up-To 40 Video and Audio Destinations.