With hospitals and medical research facilities rapidly modernizing in order to take advantage of exciting new advances in medicine and medical practices, Key Digital® products go above and beyond to help streamline and connect the various healthcare technology platforms, patient information and training objectives and procedures in use today. Key Digital® video products can distribute video from microscopes in a medical research laboratory or even deliver crisp 1080p HD images of an ultrasound to an operating room. Key Digital's first ever control system, Compass Control®, can control an entire medical center, providing single-room control or central control of 'smart' lighting, HVAC, audio/video routing, and more which enables medical staff to make the best use of their time during typically long shifts.
Key Digital Helps Cancer Research by Providing Crystal Clear Picture Quality
to University of Chicago Medical Center

Matt Carr, an installer with Midwest Interstate Electric, was asked to complete installation for a cancer research lab at the University of Chicago Medical Center in Chicago, IL. According to Matt, this particular lab specialized in testing and researching cancerous fibers. Matt knew that the challenge in this installation would be providing the highest quality high definition video in order to ensure accurate images were displayed in the lab.

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Application Example
SDG Description
  • Distribute IR to multiple sources and displays using the KD-IRKIT300, allowing you to control devices with a push of a button.
  • Use the KD-VP2500 to convert up to various sources a single HDMI solution. The KD-VP2500 also has the ability to up-convert any signals to the best resolution for a full 1080p solution.
  • HDMI Distribution to multiple displays with the KD-HDDA1X4.