Corporate A/V
As the adage says, "Time is money." With Key Digital®, never waste your time or focus muddling around with equipment problems when trying to show your next big presentation. Through features such as our EDID library, Key Digital's product portfolio guarantees HDMI compatibility each and every time and provides simplified control that streamlines the communication of all technologies within your conference room or business suite. Key Digital® gives you complete control and automation of 'smart' lighting, climate, shades, privacy partitions, audio/video equipment, and multi-media presentations via Compass Control®. Compass Control® creates a simple, productive and efficient work environment for you to make the best use of your working hours. As an added bonus, Compass Control® can remotely monitor and manage all the ancillary environmental and security systems throughout your facility and distribute them to any monitor through a Key Digital® HDMI matrix switch.
LG Brings HDMI to the Pro-AV and College Football World

Key Digital had the opportunity to exclusively partner with St. Louis, Missouri’s Craftsmen Industries on the cutting-edge mobile marketing vehicle: LG PRESENTS EA SPORTS NCAA FOOTBALL CHALLENGE.
This mobile marketing vehicle has introduced new consumer electronic technology and gaming titles to thousands of college football fans nationwide, delivering a unique and interactive tailgating experience... view full success story

Application Example
SDG Description
  • Integrates with any Control System in the market place
  • Rescale common computer resolutions to common video resolutions with the KD-VP800
  • Display any of the four sources on the projector and plasma displays, showing different images on both by using the KD-MSW4x2Pro
  • Send video, audio and control up to 1,000 feet over a single CAT5 cable with the KD-VACTX
  • Achieve clean looking installation with the in-wall KD-VACWPRX wall plate receiver balun.