Mike Tsinberg – Digital Video Pioneer and Founder of Key Digital®
Our Mission
Key Digital® is at the forefront of the video industry for Home Theater Retailers, Custom Installers, System Integrators, Broadcasters, Manufacturers, and Consumers. We provide total video system solutions because we know and help drive the technology, the industry, the business, and all the latest up-and-coming standards. But most of all, we provide the right solutions for all of your unique applications.
Key Digital® - Your Total Solution Company
Video pioneer Mike Tsinberg founded Key Digital® as a total solutions company. With so many video formats and standards, like digital HDMI, HDTV, SDTV, SDI, DVI, 1394, VGA and analog video, you need a company that can handle them all. You need a company with the expertise and know-how to produce the right product for all your applications, with the right features, exceeding your expectations for the best in picture quality. You need Key Digital®.
Key Digital® - like having your own Video Expert as your Guide
Mike and his entire Key Digital® team of Experts in Digital Video Technology and Solutions are the ones who engineer, design, and manufacture a wide range of products that enable video products to work together, seamlessly, flawlessly, exceeding the highest standards for video quality. Mike is a true video industry expert, leader of the Emmy-award winning DVD authoring team, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Fellow, inventor of forty patents, and Chair of numerous professional committees dedicated to digital video. As President of Key Digital®, Mike is in a unique position to infuse the best features, technology, and value into his products. Mike provides you with high-quality, cutting-edge technology, Key Digital® interconnectivity solutions, at prices you can afford.