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DoorBird products are now compatible with Compass Control from Key Digital
Key Digital announces that DoorBird products are now compatible with Compass Control®, the first fully integrated major control system designed to use iOS and Android devices as its backbone.

Key Digital has developed a driver and a pre-configured GUI template for the Compass Control® system to interface with DoorBird products. Now, Compass Control® users can integrate DoorBird products and video interface into their customers' control solutions.

Your customers will be able to answer their door anywhere and never miss a visitor. With DoorBird integrated into Compass Control UI, your customers can now access DoorBird UI right from their iOS or Android devices.

DoorBird Module is easily integrated into Compass Control UI via Compass Navigator software.

DoorBird Products Offer:

  • Ethernet connection with PoE
  • Wifi
  • Night Vision
  • IP51 Outdoor Rating
  • Visitor History
  • Cloud-Recording
  • iOS & Android
  • Connection terminal for door opener, chime & door release button
  • Echo and noise cancellation - API, Cross-platform HTML5 widget, Smart-Lock support

Are you interested in selling DoorBird in your region?
If you would like to join DoorBird's partner program, please register at:

The DoorBird prices starts at $349 (MSRP) and, of course, you as a partner would get a significant discount. For more information about DoorBird, please visit: or send an email to

Compass Control Programming Professional In-Depth Training

Expansive class immersing attendees in Key Digital's hardware-software solution and offering education on all Compass Control programming levels .

Attendees may attend the entire course, or join for specific days
in order to achieve their desired certification levels.

The course begins with system introduction and design and works up through modular drag & drop programming, module development, custom GUI programming methods, and advanced logic building.

  • March 7 - 10, 2017
  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Location: Key Digital HQ
    521 East 3rd Street,
    Mt. Vernon, NY 10553
  • Travel & Hotel Info
  • Hotel / Lunch Included
  • Please bring a PC or
    Mac with VM Software (Windows)


Day 1 (AM):
Compass Control System Design Certification

  • Key Digital hardware-software solutions
  • System design cases
  • Compass control system introduction
  • C1 System Design Certification

Day 1 (PM):
Key Digital Hardware & Software Certification

  • Group A (System Design)
    • Digital video system specification
    • Solution selling
  • Group B (Programming +)
    • Modular system programming
    • Hands-on stations with Compass Alliance Partners
    • C1 Programming + Certification

Day 2:
Programming + (contd.)

  • Editing modular macros
  • Custom module development
  • IR, RS-232 and TCP/IP code-set management
  • C2 Device Management Certification

Day 3:
Getting Graphical – Custom GUI
Programming Methods

  • Page layering for efficient multi-zone programming
  • GUI building with Compass graphical elements:
    • Simple GUI elements
    • Flick gesture control
    • Embedding web elements
  • Utilizing variables and macros
  • Logic building for GUI navigation
  • Bi-directional modules in custom GUI

Day 4:
Programming Professional

  • Finalizing custom GUI program
  • Index & Array advanced implementation
  • Custom GUI in core applications
  • C3 Certification presentation
  • Bi-directional driver session with Compass Control Engineers
  • Compass Control Q&A and crystal ball
Compass Control System Now Available on iOS and Android.
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