KD-MC1000 - Master Controller (Wired/LAN, up to 8 Ports)

The KD-MC1000 Master Controller works as the control hub for the Compass Control® Pro System. It has 6 multi-functions 3.5mm universal ports for IR/RS-232, 1 Relay port, and 1 ZigBee port for a total of 8 control ports. LAN Based Control via an RJ45 connection. Sensor and relay control, Indicator LEDs and an IR learning window.

  • Fast and Easy programming with Compass Navigator™ PC Editor
  • Built in IR Learning Function enabling IR control of any device
  • Complete control over audio, video, HVAC, lighting, shades, security

KD-ProCL1, KD-ProCL4, KD-ProCL6, KD-ProCL8 – Enterprise Software Licenses for Compass Control® Pro, supports iOS and Android (1, 4, 6, 8 Units)

In order to allow a iOS or Android device to be used as a controller for the system, it needs to be registered. This process entails purchasing a registration license for each device so it can be programmed for use in the system. The file is then generated in the Compass Navigator™ software, and it is uploaded to the Key Digital server where it is stored and then sent to the device upon launching Compass Control App.

  • Required for activation of Compass Control® Pro System on iOS or Android devices
  • Marries with Device ID of each iOS or Android device
  • Allows unique GUI creation for different devices across single project
  • Transferable between devices
  • Enables project upload and storage to/from Compass Control® cloud
  • Provides FREE access to Compass Navigator™ PC Editor for fast and easy system programming
  • FREE Technical Support for C1 Certified Installers / Programmers

KD-Pro8x8CC / KD-Pro6x6CC - HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix Switchers with built-in Compass Control® Pro System

KD-Pro8x8/6x6CC HDBaseT/HDMI Matrix switchers feature built-in Master Controller and simplify HDMI installations by offering all video, audio, and control capabilities needed for the most technical applications.

  • Compass Control® Inside: Key Digital's Compass Control® control system is built-in (supports up to 33 control ports)

KD-CCXR200 - Converts MCP35™ Multi-function I/O Port to Contact Closure/Relay

Multi-function 3.5mm based Compass Control® Port – MPC35™: supports the following seven features: IR output, IR Input, RS232 bi-directional, Voltage sensor, Voltage trigger, PCM audio sensor, Composite Video sensor.

Compatible iOS and Android Device Controllers

Compass Control® Pro System supports variety of iOS and Android tablet devices. Device of choice would be a tablet size device used in landscape layout. Tablets offers many options that make the user experience very dynamic, including great graphics engine, the ability to embed images inside other images, quick navigation from page to page, and the ‘flick’ option to choose between items, pages, graphics, etc. All of these features, and more, are available for use when creating the user interface.

As a secondary controller option, the Compass Control® Pro System also supports smaller mobile phones and devices, such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phones. These smaller device allows the same level of control as the tablet, but since it has a much smaller footprint, it is recommended that it be used as a secondary remote to the main controller. License registration process is the same for tablets and phones.

Currently, Compass Control does not support HP tablets.
*Compass Control® Pro products are available to certified resellers only. Certified reseller must still hire authorized Compass Control® Pro Master Programmer or program at their own liability. Key Digital highly recommends that all resellers use 3rd party Compass Control® Pro Master Programmers to program the system. Prior to purchasing Compass Control® Pro products all resellers must complete C1, C2, and C3 Compass Control® Pro Certification Trainings. Installation time may vary depending on size and complexity of the system, as well as installers training on Compass Control® Pro. Compass Control is a registered trademarks of Key Digital Systems Inc. Compass Navigator, and Discover The Possibilities are trademarks of Key Digital Systems Inc. iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.