Commercial Markets
Bar & Restaurant

Need to control a wide range of video displays during sporting events throughout an entire bar? Compass Control’s state of the art ‘simplified smart control’ will put you in the driver’s seat. With the power of Compass Control®, the ability to view the hottest game on any desired display is a reality. Compass Control® gives you full routing control from any source to any display regardless of size or complexity.

Digital Signage

Turn any idea into a work of art and allow Compass Control® to show it off with picture perfect quality. Maintain complete control of your digital sign with Compass Control’s flexible iOS backed platform allowing easy manipulation of images, timing, brightness, and other adjustments all at the swipe of a finger. Compass Control® offers complete integration with any of the products manufactured by any of our Key Alliance™ Partners: Aprilaire, Denon, Furman®, iPort®, Key Digital®, Lutron®, Luxul, Marantz®, Onkyo®, Panamax®, Russound®, and SurgeX®.

Corporate A/V

As the adage says, “Time is money.” With Compass Control®, never waste your time or focus muddling around with several remote devices to control your next big presentation. Through the beautiful graphic interface and instinctual touch gestures, Compass Control® provides simplified control that streamlines the communication of all technologies within your conference room or business suite. Compass Control® gives you complete control and automation of ‘smart’ lighting, climate, shades, privacy partitions, audio/video equipment, and multi-media presentations. Compass Control® creates a simple, productive and efficient work environment for you to make the best use of your working hours. As an added bonus, Compass Control® can remotely monitor and manage all the ancillary environmental and security systems throughout your facility.

Security & Intercoms

Compass Control® goes beyond control to give you a solution to help you monitor the front gate of your home, watch your children by the swimming pool, or check on the baby napping in the nursery. Key Digital’s Compass™ control system, CAT5e/6 baluns, distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, cabling all culminate in a comprehensive security system which can provide peace of mind by allowing you to control and view all of your security components with ease.


From bulletproof retail installations utilizing HDMI technologies to large scale, multi-monitor displays Compass Control® has the control solution to succeed in the retail environment. Compass Control® is precisely tailored to handle the challenges of retail demands: control over long distance runs, HDMI distribution, and high end picture quality.

House of Worship

Compass Control® can create an active and comfortable prayer experience by enabling and improving communications in your congregation. From a single, easy-to-operate iPad® located in an area central to the pulpit, Compass Control® allows you to set the correct atmosphere for congregation members by adjusting lighting, temperature, window shades, audio, video displays, and microphone levels. With one touch, Compass Control® can take you beyond control and give you the tools to create the best atmosphere for worship.


Compass Control® places you in complete control of hotel or casino security and camera surveillance, hotel architectural lighting, restaurant temperature and climate. Key Digital’s legendary reputation for digital signage and distributed AV solutions combined with Compass Control® can make your hotel facilities such as sports bars and nightclubs come alive like never before. From a wall plate setup or an Apple® mobile control device such as an iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod® touch, Compass Control® can monitor and manage energy consumption, control and distribute high definition video, as well as securely integrate with motion and occupancy sensors to turn-off or lower ‘smart’ lighting and temperature settings in unoccupied rooms or building zones. In high-end penthouse suites or VIP facilities, Compass Control® can offer guests a personal and convenient media experience. A Compass Control®-equipped iPad® can be inserted into our wall plate dock beautifully integrating into a hotel’s suite


Intelligent control and communications systems that place reliability and high performance as their top priorities are critical for government institutions, military command facilities, political offices, and other government facilities. Compass Control® can consistently and reliably integrate all devices to ensure that government facilities function normally day in and day out. From remote system monitoring, access, and control, to dedicated tech support, Key Digital’s product line is set up to meet the needs of any sensitive government application.


From stages and recording studios, to themed venues and entertainment halls, Key Digital® has the only control solution you will ever need for any of your entertainment applications. Distribute VGA from a computer, a Blu Ray Player, Cable Box, and camera feeds, all in wonderfully crisp 1080p HD and all controlled by Compass Control®. Compass Control® and the Key Alliance™ Partners will create the perfect control and video solution for you, merging cutting-edge technology with any entertainment application.


With hospitals and medical research facilities rapidly modernizing in order to take advantage of exciting new advances in medicine and medical practices, Compass Control® goes beyond control to help streamline and connect the various healthcare technology platforms, patient information and training objectives and procedures in use today. Compass Control® can control an entire medical center, providing single-room control or central control of ‘smart’ lighting, HVAC, audio/video routing, and more which enables medical staff to make the best use of their time during typically long shifts.

Multiple Dwelling Units

Are you working on a Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU)? Compass Control® can provide you with the control system that is flexible enough to fit your every need. Compass Control® can provide solutions from individual residence units, all the way up to Operation Management Centers. No matter the complexity of the installation, Compass Control® has the perfect control solution for your next large scale MDU project.

Command & Control

Stock tickers, sales statistics, scientific data…. Do you need ensure that vital information is seen throughout your entire Network Control Center?  Key Digital has the solution that can send any source to hundreds of TVs and the durability that meets the demands of the toughest work environments.

Private Transportation

Maintain the same level of control and entertainment you get from a Compass™ residential-based system while sailing the high seas on your personal luxury boat or driving across the country in your luxurious motor coach/RV. Compass Control® can create the perfect travel experience on land, in the air, or out on the open sea with one-touch swipes on our beautiful graphic interface powered by iOS. Compass Control® gives you control of ‘smart’ lighting, HVAC, shade and AV control from fully customized touch screens on any of the available family of Apple® iOS powered devices.


Compass Control® supports a wide range of educational applications. From complete control of a campus to IP controlled security cameras to controlling a Blu-Ray player in a lecture hall; Compass Control® is only limited by your imagination. Compass Control® can also control audio, video, intelligent lighting controls, shades, and temperature. Compass Control’s ability to provide complete education solutions gives an educator the tools he or she needs to empower the students of tomorrow while simultaneously enabling school administrators with the right safety/security instruments to keep students safe.

Residential Markets
Home Theater

Compass Control® can help you integrate any and all of your desired sources. Computers, gaming systems, cable or satellite boxes, DVD or Blu-Ray players and even legacy sources are viewed in pristine high definition with both Key Digital’s award winning product portfolio of robust and reliable high definition video products and our third party Key Alliance™ Partners hardware all of which can be controlled by the amazingly flexible Compass Control® control system. As always, all Key Digital® HDMI products are 3D Ready and offer bulletproof HDMI solutions. With Key Digital’s ability to improve picture quality all you need to worry about is the popcorn so go beyond control with Compass Control®.

Smart Home

Compass Control® lets you create seamless home automation solutions that are designed to bring together all of the smart home technologies, media sources, and device connectivity that, when working in unison, result in an unbeatable combination of reliability, great design, comfort, and ease of use. Compass Control® combines all aspects of home control and places them at the swipe of your fingers through the sleek and easy iOS user interfaces that are already a part of Apple’s world renown iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®.

Whole House

Looking to upgrade your entire home A/V system? Integrate all of your A/V devices with Compass Control®, and view any source in any room of the installation with products from our Key Alliance™ Partners in conjunction with our FatCat Series™ HDMI baluns and Hercules Series™ HDMI matrix switchers. The Key Alliance™ combined with Compass Control®, offers an entire custom AV system from control to cabling to switchers to baluns – one key is all you need to succeed in your next installation.

Custom Installations

Looking to upgrade your home A/V system? When it comes to custom installation, Key Digital has the solution for you! Integrate all of you’re A/V devices with your control system, and view any source in any room of the installation.  With Key Digital’s brilliant engineering and resilient product line, we have all the components you need to complete your custom installation, no matter what the demands may call for..

Audio Distribution

Key Digital’s whole-house audio solutions can satisfy the discerning ears of a wide range of audiophiles. Whether it’s a full-on party at your home or just quietly relaxing in your living room, Compass Control® can create the ambiance you desire by controlling independent audio sources to set the atmosphere and amplify your listening experience. Any of Apple’s iOS family of devices – iPad®, iPod touch®, iPhone® – instantly becomes a controller within your smart home’s whole house audio system.

*Installation time may vary depending on size and complexity of the system, as well as installers training on Compass Control. Compass Control is a registered trademarks of Key Digital Systems Inc. Compass Navigator, and Discover The Possibilities are trademarks of Key Digital Systems Inc. iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.