Encompass360™ Program

In the ever increasingly complicated process of trying to pick the best combination of products when working with multiple brand subsystems, Integrators have been asking for a simple plug and play offering. Since its inception, Key Digital has been looked at as the expert in all things Audio and Video related and now with the Compass Control® Pro System we have the ability to offer our dealers complete control and signal management under one brand.

Now we would like to introduce to you our Encompass360™ program. The Encompass360 program has been designed and modeled to deliver exactly what integrators have been looking for, which is an easier way to quickly install large complex systems in a few hours rather than weeks or months. To simplify this process this we have broken down the Encompass360 program into five stages: Consult, Design, Build, Integrate, and Deliver.

Our engineers and programmers will work hand in hand with you going over your project's timeline, goals and budget while looking over the project's blueprints free of charge. We will discuss the optimal wiring design, sources2 and displays for each room to provide the best results to meet and exceed your client's expectations for the intended system functionality. During this stage we will go over the control needs and design the most cost effective Compass Control® Pro System to address the system parameters. With the information that is gathered and discussed during this stage you will be able to accurately put together the Scope of Work that is included in your client's contract.
Here we will take everything that was discussed in the Consultancy stage and provide you with a detailed system design and project line diagram. You are also going to be provided an example of the Compass Control® user interface for your project to give both yourself and client an idea on how their system is going to be laid out. If there is a scope of work change or system details that need to be changed then this would be the time to do it before moving to the next stage.
ipad ipod touch compass uiOnce the Design is signed off on, we will begin to assemble and rack mount the hardware in the Build stage. If you have a custom rack that you would like to use for the project you could ship it to our Engineering Lab or we will provide a standard rack for you. Once the hardware is installed and wired up it will be put through a 24 hour test cycle to ensure everything is working 100% before moving on to the final two stages. Our programming team will begin building and testing the Compass Control® Pro System template that is customized to this project requirements and design.
ipad ipod touch compass uiIn the Integration stage, we will combine the Compass Control® Pro System with the hardware in the rack. Once the two systems are brought together we will run the Compass Control® Pro system through a thorough test cycle to ensure that the system configuration and functionality is 100%. With Key Digital's reputation for not settling for anything less than perfection, you can rest assured that this system has been tested and looked over several times before it gets signed off to move onto the final stage.
ipad ipod touch compass uiFinally we will take the complete rack mounted system and place it in a crate for shipping to your office or job site. Remember you are going to be receiving a complete turnkey solution. So once you receive the rack all you will have to do is unpack it and make the final display and subsystem connections prior to turning the system over to your client.

For more information on getting the process started please contact our Sales Managers:
1 Key Digital provides this service free of charge to its dealers and is not responsible for the implementation or installation quality on the project site as this is the responsibility of the installing company.
2 Key Digital is not responsible for any issues with a 3rd party manufacturer product. These issues must be taken up with said manufacturer for resolution.
3 Key Digital will not be on the project site to supervise during final installation and is no way responsible for the quality of this integration.

*Compass Control® Pro products are available to certified resellers only. Certified reseller must still hire authorized Compass Control® Pro Master Programmer or program at their own liability. Key Digital highly recommends that all resellers use 3rd party Compass Control® Pro Master Programmers to program the system. Prior to purchasing Compass Control® Pro products all resellers must complete C1, C2, and C3 Compass Control® Pro Certification Trainings. Installation time may vary depending on size and complexity of the system, as well as installers training on Compass Control® Pro. Compass Control is a registered trademarks of Key Digital Systems Inc. Compass Navigator, and Discover The Possibilities are trademarks of Key Digital Systems Inc. iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.